ELER tool

Earthquake Loss Estimation Routine (ELER) has been developed within NERIES project JRA3 workpackage. It provides rapid estimation of earthquake shaking and lossess in the Euro-Mediterranean region. The code has two modules of analysis which are EHA (Earthquake Hazard Assessment) and ELA (Earthquake Loss Assessment). The EHA module estimates ground motion intensity and parameters distribution. The ELA module uses ground motion intensity and parameter information from EHA module, and demography and building inventory information. The ELA module has three levels of analyisis. Level-0 analysis estimates casualties based on magnitude and intensity information. Level - 1 analysis estimates casualties and building damages based on intensity information, Level-2 analysis estimates casualties and building damages based on ground motion and spectral parameters.

The version 3.1 (2010) also includes pipeline damage estimation and economic loss estimation tools. The software is available through following link:





ELER software and methodology is currently being updated.

For further queries please contact Prof. Dr. Eser Çaktı