MSc. Program

Master of Science Program in Earthquake Engineering consists of a minimum 24 credit hour course load, non-credit Graduate Seminar course and a Master of Science Thesis. In the program, where students with Civil Engineering undergraduate degrees are accepted, the 24-credit course load consists of 500 and 600 courses. Student is required to take minimum of four of the courses from among EQE 520, EQE 530, EQE 540, EQE 545 ve EQE 550. With the approval of the advisor, some of the program may be composed of 400 level courses, maximum two of them with credit, provided that they are not taken during the student’s undergraduate program.

Upon completion of course work with a grade-point average of at least 3.00, the student is required to carry out supervised research and complete a Master's thesis. Then s/he defends the thesis in front of the jury following its submission for approval.  The thesis should be concluded within the maximum prescribed time.

List of all courses provided by the Department of Earthquake Engineering together with their syllabus, can be found in our department’s website under “Programs” heading or with general descriptions under the graduate catalogue pages of Boğaziçi University. The links indicated below provide the most recent information about new courses or changes in course titles, definitions or credits as accepted by the university senate.

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